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The integration of AI blog writing into the blogging world.

Does AI Blog Writing really work

Adding high-quality blog content to your website is a great way to bolster your company’s digital marketing and online presence.  For this reason, many online companies pump out blog content in mass volume. The ceaseless pressure to maintain unique content that drives traffic rests on the shoulders of content marketing bloggers.  Marketing within the constraints of SEO optimization and searchability algorithms can sometimes make a blog feel clunky. In this digital economy, standing out is key.  Having relatable quality content is a must. Knowing your audience and what they need is imperative, and keeping their engagement is crucial. Consequently, the elephantine question arises? How can I get assistance with high-quality content? Should I use AI blog writing for my blog? What are the benefits of AI blog writing? Or am I better off personally writing it, or hiring a human content writer? We plan to answer these exact questions and educate you to utilize and implement the best options for each situation.

The Pros

Can AI write a blog? Absolutely. AI copywriting is fast and it can simplify the writing process workflow. Additionally, an AI content generator can easily navigate keyword phrases and streamline your content to pinpoint a target audience. AI tools are incredible assets to blog content writers around the globe. These tools can help with writer’s block, templates, and blog outlines. Getting thoughts on a page can sometimes be the most daunting portion of consistent blogging. Copywriting tools are extremely helpful to maintain critical keywords and phrases. For one thing, these tools layout the foundation of exactly which topic your article needs to flow to next. If you are in need of writing a unique and contextual article in a flash, is a great source for this type of writing. Their algorithm-generated articles can streamline your site. They are in business to assist you, and to keep you blogging when you reach a point of fatigue.

To answer the huge question, of whether or not AI writing tools can write a blog? For the most part, the answer is, technically yes it can. Overall, AI articles check the boxes that eCommerce and most other industries demand. With the intro of AI-written articles, you will get the fact-checker, SEO-friendly, text-generator, style of wording that meets the standard of practice that Google is looking for. For this reason alone, the use case solution of AI may be exactly what a company needs. There are, however, companies that have tweaked this market a bit.

One of the leaders in this realm is Jasper(formerly known as Jarvis). They use Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) which is a language model that leverages deep learning to generate human-like text (output). Not only can it produce text, but it can also generate code, stories, poems, etc. Jasper can write content in your niche because it has read over 10% of the internet. It can even write content from the perspective of certain personalities. This type of deep learning content is a step above typical machine learning content. They offer a boss mode pricing plan that can take over short-form and long-form content blog writing. Evidently, with this implemented into your web presence, you may be able to add a bit more personality to your machine-learned content. IBM has a great article that defines deep learning and AI use in our world. It is a fascinating and informative article about Ai and its utilization of it in multiple aspects.

The Cons

Mark Ryan wrote an incredible article on AI, titled “In AI We Trust: Ethics, Artificial Intelligence, and Reliability.”   He says that our relationship with AI isn’t based on trust, it is a form of reliance. This specific article is written about machines assuming human jobs and tasks. All things considered, I can’t help but wonder if the originality of the written word is going to become a lost art. Whilst, we all appreciate a little Ai assistance with grammar.  On the other hand, will laziness and the ease of Ai reliance become the catalyst to white-wash content of personal conviction and experience?

Mark goes on to say “ It is a field of computer science that focuses on computer processes that can often function and react in human-like ways; such as image recognition (vision), speech recognition (hearing), and natural language generation (speaking). AI is artificial mimicry of tasks and functions that would otherwise require human intelligence (Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy 2017).

The word mimicry is the standout for me here.  Are we okay with something mimicking the written word, and having search engine-derived facts proliferated by AI across millions of websites? The point often overlooked, is that whilst auto-generated articles maintain compliance and drive traffic, the final analysis stands, that AI articles simply reword phrases and content that has already been created. This mash and re-hash of already created content look great! Despite the fact that a company has simply paid a third-generation pre-trained transformer to place information into “your own” words.

Moreover, if we dilute the humanoid and freelancer styles of writing, and begin to rely on natural language processing & deep learning for relatable content, what this will do to future generations of content creators?  Content creation is more than just a keyword. It should be an original idea crafted as an original piece of content. Everything considered, is AI content simply plagiarism wrapped in a pretty little wrapper? Ultimately the concern here is, given these points, who will be writing fresh, innovative, and captivating original content? Who will be out there writing about the honest struggles in business, and inventing and sourcing solutions?

Can the best AI writing assistant captivate you? The average user has the attention span of a TikTok video. Relativity and personality are half of the reason you are still reading this article. I wonder if fact-checking statistics and google-checked sentences, without personal experience, will sell long-term?

If you are writing your own content, this is a great resource to keep you going when you hit that writer’s block. Even the best blog writing experts, such as John Hughes have said that some of their most difficult challenges encompass formulating blog ideas. John says “Internet users are bombarded with content practically by the second. Every subject has its day in the spotlight, and it’s not hard to find out what people are interested in at any given moment. As such, seeking out trending topics can help you stay relevant and overcome writer’s block.” In this article, he gives six strategies to break that block and push bloggers onward to drive traffic to your landing pages.

What can human writers offer that AI article writers cannot? Is it enough to just have volume? Am I being hyper-logical to think that relevancy and authenticity are important in this market?  These are the questions that have me sitting here, writing to you. Dave Kustin may have said it best in his article, Rise of the Machines: Pros and Cons of Ai for content writing. “In fact, the right balance means that humans and AI are working together. Content can be enhanced and produced faster, while humans can intervene to insert creativity and uniqueness that is important to your brand. Editors still need to vet content before it’s posted to ensure that the right tone and messages are being put out there. Research for articles is still a component that humans need to be a big part of. So, at the end of the day, AI should be used as a tool to improve and accompany the content writing process, not be the sole source of copy.”

AI + Humans = Great Content

In conclusion, the one truth remains, writing software has its place in the digital realm. With the help of some ai copywriting assistance, I will keep personally writing my blogs. I believe there should be a hybrid. It is tempting to jump on the Ai blog writing generator sites and see if Ai blogging could expedite my content.  In the long run, marketing copy is simply marketing copy, but original ideas with sustainable solutions come from years of dedication, and experience. After all. Nothing can substitute a true honest story that is yours. I think to myself that there must be some part of humanity that still knows the truth when they see it. Therefore, I too agree with Dave Kustin. I believe that every writer could benefit from AI’s assistance with writing. As long as the words, thoughts, ideas, and impressions are left, are those true to the culture of your company and true of yourself. After all, some topics have been blogged to death.

AI assisted blog writing

Therefore, simply utilizing a content creation service with an ai writer will fit the bill. Yet, in other situations, such as social media engagement, I hope that personal anecdotes and relativity are always necessary.  I will slowly embrace a world of robots and drones, and eagerly await robotic assistance with my laundry pile or a vacuum. However, when it comes to the authenticity of the written word, I will gladly accept a few grammatical blunders from my fellow writers.  The truth is, I appreciate them. They will be considered to be a fact-checking opportunity to ascertain that I am reading an authentic, human-written article.

No matter what level of business are you in, Zero8 Studios can help. Are you in business to offer a service? Are you at the startup level? Are you selling a product or ready to join the enterprise level of brand development?

It is an arduous task to blog while creating fresh relatable content. Blogging is a touchpoint we all know, and customer-centric blogging matters even more.  It is tempting to see these AI options arising. As a digital marketing company that focuses on SEO compliance and creative content, we make sure your SEO strategy will optimize and drive traffic. Our job is to harness the power of this technical knowledge while engaging our readers with fresh content.  Zero8 Studios is in the driver’s seat growing business, and exploring cutting-edge technological breakthroughs. The impact we will have in marketing will be a hybrid of both implementing new technology & studying data-driven facts. Our marketing style ensures that sales and growth are entwined with the irreplaceable value-add of human interaction.

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