Our concept behind this new fireplace/TV combo was derived from modern-day high-end spaces within a tighter budget. Since the area, we were working with has a traditional fireplace and there was no budget for a newer horizontal styled one. We created a design that combines a lot of the modern-day standards for a fireplace/entertainment center together into a cohesive and clean look as well as future-proofing then overall design to support TV’s as large as the wall could hold and still look aesthetically pleasing. Using materials that could be purchased from home depot (See Material List) then digitized in 3D and applied to the rendering for use by the client and contractor.

The design went through a few various changes as images were supplied from Pinterest (See Board) and other sources. Any inspirational images and materials that the client wanted to use were shown to us before the render was created so that we can better hit the mark as far as the final look and feel was concerned. In the end, the final result of the render turned out better than we expected and made sure there were no assumptions made by the contractors. Requiring less micromanagement in the construction phase.


Living Room Entertainment Center Redesign

What We Did

Fully redesigned the layout of the space to accommodate a large tv, remove unneeded features, extending the design with shelving to the ceiling making the area appear taller.

We Introduced a Modern Design 

Into a Dated Space, Using Elements

That Turned The Area Into A Centerpiece of The Home.

Step 1: Evaluated the current space
Step 2: Measured the useable space
Step 3: Build the rendering of new space-based on images and measurements
Step 4: Supply to the builder
Step 5: Start Construction