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Zoomaway Technologies

Zoomaway as a client utilizes all of the service offerings of Zero8 to its fullest. Zero8 maintains and markets the public company and its many updates as they pertain to public company compliance. Zero8 continues to maintain most of Zoomaway’s online digital marketing presence from press releases for shareholders, mailing lists, CRM software, and all copy and content updates as needed. Zero8 also handles the development of their smart city platform, ZoomedOUT.

Zero8 also contributes heavily to many of the company’s pitch materials as they pertain to their new and existing product lines. This is in an effort to maintain a sense of cohesion as it relates to the brand identity. Zero8 is a Full Service Creative Agency for many of its clients.

Services Utilized


Website & SEO

Content Creation

Brand Development

Digital Content Marketing

3D Content

Business Automation

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