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What is 3d marketing and why is it important?

3D product rendering

The most common animation styles for marketing videos are 2D and 3D, and both are excellent options for reaching, engaging and converting your target audience. Forbes dominates in the realm of research.  They are a trusted ambassador of business.  They recently reported that 3D marketing facilitated an increase in conversion rates by 40%. These statistics prove that 3D marketing creates a more memorable and long-lasting impression than traditional 2D ads.

So, why is 3d marketing important? This blog post will define and explain what 3D marketing is, and why brands are excelling with it.  This is a step-by-step guide on how to implement 3D marketing solutions into your own campaign as well as showing you how others are already using it.

What is 3D Marketing?

The exact definition of 3D marketing is; a form of digital marketing that adds more depth to normal two-dimensional ads. In a 3D marketing campaign, customers can interact with the product by dragging and orienting the object, and view it from all angles. Try ours out here.

By embedding an interactive 3D model with 3d ads, you allow users to preview the product being advertised. They can prospect for themselves prior to clicking the call to action and being taken to the advertisers landing page. 3D advertising improves the quality of traffic, reduces bounce rates, and increases return on ad spend (ROAS).

The key is to create engaging advertisements that educate and captivate.  3D marketing showcases the essence of refinement to a brand.  This refinement, simply put, makes you more memorable.

3D can be used in almost any level of commerce, even banner ads.

Rotate, Zoom and Pan around the 3D e-commerce product shown here. Select the numbers to explain the product highlights.

What is the importance of a 3D marketing strategy?

The online market has never been so widely used.  There are more websites marketing online than ever before. You have to stand out and you have to be at the top of your game to get attention. Nasdaq has reported that U.S. consumers are expected to spend a record one trillion dollars online in 2022. Thanks to the pandemic-driven shift to online shopping.

“The pandemic was a consequential moment for e-commerce. Not only did it accelerate growth by nearly two years, but it also impacted the types of goods consumers are willing to buy online,” said Vivek Pandya, lead analyst at Adobe Digital Insights. With the implementation of a 3D marketing strategy, you are more likely to be seen & more likely to be remembered. In another Forbes article, Daniel Newman explains just how 3D Technology Is Changing The Game For Marketers. Daniel says “3D technology can help marketers bridge the gap between reality and virtual to create a better and more complete buying experience for customers.”

Statistic: Retail e-commerce revenue in the United States from 2017 to 2025 (in billion U.S. dollars) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Who is already using it?

Companies all over the world are using this 3D marketing these days to create a more unique and immersive experience. Ikea is leading the way in 3D implementation.  They have launched an amazing eCommerce store.  They are using social networking as well as YouTube videos to bolster sales.  Their marketing campaign by Tmall is a great example of utilizing every level of marketing with eye-catching 3D modeling.   It feels like you are virtually walking the aisles of Ikea.  Customers can interact with the product by dragging and orienting the object and viewing it from all angles.

This trending concept is being used by big-name brands like Puma, Apple, Amazon, and Samsung. They are all on board this 3D business Enterprise. Chevrolet has an incredible 3D visualization campaign. Check out their Corvette visualizer. It may sound overwhelming to jump on this revolutionary journey, but it is as simple as hiring the right people.  Many small businesses have already started.  Just because the big dogs are already in the race, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join.  After all, remember the U.S. is forecasted to spend one trillion dollars this year alone. There is a very certain need for what you have to offer.

Look at Fatboy for example.  They sell some of the coolest beanbags and dog beds you can imagine. Their 3D beanbag marketing campaign is impressive! They even have beanbag accessories.  Who knew beanbags even needed accessories?  Apparently, we have been missing out.  There is a bean bag rocking chair. You can customize your own beanbag, place it on a rocking chair frame and get a matching beanbag for little Fido.  It’s amazing! With their 3D interactive marketing and augmented reality function, you can customize and playback the entire setup from your phone, in your living room.

Recently, game engine maker, Epic Games announced their new 3D scan app, RealityScan, which will allow anyone with a smartphone to turn photos of objects into high-fidelity 3D models. This opens up endless options for more cost-effective 3D marketing endeavors for customers in real estate and e-commerce who want to add an augmented reality or a virtual reality experience to their brand. To take this evolving 3d market one step further, Venturebeat even reported that there is now a blockchain company focused on building 3D eCommerce clothing to move major brands in the metaverse.

Just think about how far this will go. We haven’t even scratched the surface.

What are the steps in starting a 3D Marketing campaign?

1. Clearly define your marketing goals.

You want to showcase your strongest products in 3D. You may have an overwhelming amount of inventory and even thinking about showcasing every product in 3D sounds costly and time-consuming.  That’s okay.  Start with your strongest sellers and showcase those in 3D.  Once sales come in, you can always escalate to your second-tier inventory.  That is the beauty of real-time marketing in 3D.

Indeed has an informative roadmap to further assist in clearly defining marketing your goals.  Check it out.

2. Build your 3D product and choose your marketing platform.

This second step is a very fun and exciting part of the process.  This is where you begin the journey of watching your 3D model transform from basic content. You know your products and services well, and it is fun to really see them come to life in the digital realm.  The completion of crafting your 3D content comes with additional variables.  Now you will begin choosing which platforms will showcase your brand effectively, and deciding on user interaction.

Lastly, your marketing campaign will be determining the perfect user experience.  Do you want your 3D assets to have a dynamic animation that brings your products to life?  Or an auto-notation option that tells your audience about the many exciting features of your product.  Interactive 3D marketing has many options.

Sketchfab is a great tool for creating these types of 3D models.

We are just scraping the surface of 3D options to showcase your products and services. We know that 3D marketing facilitates conversion rates by 40%. Implementation of these assets in your eCommerce store’s website design and in your social media marketing will make a huge impact on your conversion rates.  The bottom line is that a 3D experience is captivating in this very saturated market.

3. Analyze your success.

Once you have arrived at this step in the process, you are proud. This is the moment that you have been working for. It is remarkable to see a product come to life. It’s time to measure 3D marketing campaign effectiveness.

There are numerous technologies on the market that can track and analyze your conversion rates. The godfather of this is, of course, Google Analytics. This platform allows you to see every aspect of your business, where it is lacking and where it is thriving but sometimes this can be hard to break down the data into bite-size pieces. Semrush and Ahref have some pretty amazing tools for breaking down this data. With these powerful tools, you can quickly see changes in key traffic metrics. These tools track your domain authority scores. They break down both your scores and those of your competitors. The key performance indicators (KPIs) to look for are session time on ads, click-through rates, user engagements, and the number of impressions. KPIs are proof that the metrics of your ads are targeting the right audience.

If you just want to handle your business and get the most out of 3d marketing you might want to consider hiring a professional 3d marketing agency to help you with the process.

Are you ready to get more conversions?

3D marketing is already empowering many of your competitors.  If you are ready to implement this powerful toolset into your marketing campaign, there is only one 3d marketing agency you need.  Zero8 Studios.  We are a full-service digital marketing and creative agency that specialize in developing accurate 3D models, content, websites, SEO, and marking campaigns all with competitive pricing. We create quality 3D assets that have depth and dimension, giving our customers certainty about their products.

Zero8 Studios is a 3D Marketing Firm that will ensure you are at the forefront of the race.

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